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Pujya Jaya Kishori Ji

Pujya Jaya Kishori Ji - A devotee of Lord Krishna, born in the culturally enriched state of Rajasthan is blessed with the compassionate teachings of ‘Dadaji’ and “ Dadiji’ about Lord Krishna. This in turn developed extreme dedication and devotion towards Lord Krishna and developed a magnetic feeling of saintliness towards the bhakti of Radhe-Krishna. She has been a keen learner of the teachings of “ Bhagwad Gita” ; leaving the worldly pleasures and materialistic mindset at the age of 5 to completely and dedicatedly evolve in the learning and preaching of the highest spiritual writings of “ Shri Ramcharit Manas”, “Shri Krishna Leela”, “ Shri Rani Sati Dadi Charitrya” and “Nani Bairo Mayro”.

She has been able to spread her teachings by events and programs to all communities and countries worldwide.  Her appeal, support and efforts towards the physically handicapped people are applauding.


Shri Prashant Agarwal ‘Sevak’

A far-sighted Humanitarian, Visionary and the ‘President’ of  Narayan Seva Sansthan and Seva Parmo Dharma, also known for his outstanding contribution in the field of philanthropic services for the welfare of oppressed humanity.

He comes from a background where volunteerism comes naturally and doing social good in one or the other way always remained in the back of the mind.

He has all consuming vocation to relieve the sufferings of the world and he constructed an elaborate alliance of trusts and charities to achieve this aim. His sustained efforts are bringing lasting changes into the lives of the destitute, disabled and needy people.

Working in the domain of social services for more than two decades now, he received many accolades viz. National Award for the Welfare of People with Disabilities, Godfrey Phillips’ Bravery Award and appreciations from various delegates.


Shri Kailash Chandra Agrawal ‘ Manav’

Shri Kailash Chandra Agrawal -  A Philanthropist, The Founder and The Chairman of Narayan Seva Sansthan which aims to rehabilitate the destitute and the differently-abled. He is also a popular Katha Vachak (bard), Bhajan Gayak (devotional song singer), and the Author of several books. He is popularly known by the name Kailash ‘Manav’ marking his immense contributions towards the benefit of humanity ie. ‘Manvata’.

His inclination to serve the mankind developed in the early years and since his childhood he got congruence of saints and religious persons, read books on life great personality which inculcated in him the qualities of love, compassion, kindness and desperation to do something for the oppressed humanity.

A man of principles and great values, who is constantly working to serve the humanity in the every possible way. His desire and ambition is nothing but to add a little to the lives of others, bring smile on faces of people and spread happiness.

Shri Kailash Agrawal was honored with Padamshri Award by her Excellency President of India Smt. Pratibha Patil for exemplary work in the field of social services.

Shri ‘Kailash Manav’ was also awarded with National Award in individual capacity for his excellent services to the society by President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.


Dr. Sanjay Krishna Salil ji Maharaj

Acharya Sanjay Krishna ‘Salil’ ji  has been enlightening people of all walks of life by his clear diction and fluent discourse on the spiritual teachings written in ancient scriptures.

Born in 1968 in Vrindavan in a very illustrious family, Dr Sanjay Krishna took his guru mantra from Chaitanya Sampradaya and learned the lessons of Shrimad Bhagwat from Pandit. Ramanujacharya Maharaj and was also awarded PhD degree by the Agra University for his sincere work on Shrimadbhagwat.

Now he is fully devoted to the religious Vaishnava culture and spreads the teachings of Shrimad Bhagwat and Ramayana all over the country. He is also the founder president of Tulsi Ramayana Bhagwat Peeth in Vrindavan. His devotion to Indian philosophy and culture is profound. His aim is to spread the Vedic culture and philosophy to achieve the ultimate goal of life.



Prachi Devi ji

Over the years, Prachi Devi ji has emerged as one of the most prominent Indian spiritualist in the contemporary times. Gifted with supernatural powers to predict the future, she guides millions of people who come to her seeking guidance. She holds a record of reciting 114 Bhagwat-Kathas under the blessings of Shri Hanumant Laal Ji.

 Though there are many sants and sadhvis who charmed us by their spiritual and the divine perspective, it is only Prachi Deviji who has tried to mould this perception for the betterment of the humanity.

It is not surprising that millions of people throng to listen to her thought provoking discourses – not only in India, but also in many other countries. So enthralled are people with her reason and her philosophies that they record her discourses and speeches so that it can be relayed anytime they want.

To realize her vision, she renounced the worldly and material comforts at the tender age of 16. Today, she works to revoke spiritualism in people by her unflinching devotion.